Cobble Hill

Generations-old food shops, timeless cobblestone streets, and a focus on independent art and culture venues make Cobble Hill feel both inviting and off-the-beaten-path.

Welcome to Cobble Hill

Historic appeal with a diverse backstory.

Cobble Hill was originally settled by Dutch farmers in the mid-1600s, and remains impressively preserved to this day, in large part thanks to The New York City Landmarks and Protection Commission. Despite its longstanding historical status, Cobble Hill’s cultural shifts and influences are among the most diverse in the borough, spanning overlapping influxes of Italian, Native American, Dutch, Swedish, and English residents. Generations-old meat markets, barbershops, and brownstones provide equal reasons for long-time residents and newcomers to love calling it home. 

What To Expect

An upscale, heart-of-Brooklyn residential experience with slightly lower costs of living than nearby neighborhoods.

Cobble Hill features some of the most notable public schools in the borough, including PS 29, Brooklyn School for Global Studies, and The School for International Studies. Meanwhile, critically acclaimed businesses, bookshops, and historical programs lend the area a bohemian vibe and cultural enrichment opportunities at every turn. 

The Lifestyle

The best of vintage Brooklyn with present day amenities. Even trendy shops and businesses are modelled after neighborhood staples that have stood the test of time.

Life in Cobble Hill is largely defined by pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and gathering spots. Biking, outdoor brunches, and casual strolls down Court Street provide equal opportunities for shopping, dining, and enjoying the sunshine. Likewise, local business owners pride themselves on inviting street fronts and windows that encourage passersby to linger between casual brunches, afterwork bar hops, and trips to the park. 

The Market 

A competitive brownstone market and converted apartments. A small number of new high-rise buildings.

Many new homeowners choose to reinvest in the neighborhood from the ground up, often restoring and refurbishing the picturesque front porches and building fronts upon first moving in. Thanks to the well-preserved architecture and well-maintained street front parking, available brownstones are extremely competitive. Newer units along Hicks Street and Strong Place also come at a premium, but offer more floor plan flexibly for first-time buyers and singles. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The stroll-friendly streets and sense of history and privacy.

Cobble Hill owes its increasingly “it” status as much to its roots as newcomers’ commitment to supporting them. From experimental art spaces to top-notch designers, up-and-coming businesses, artists, and makers seek it out as a place to not only start but thrive for the long-run. 


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