Lower East Side

The Lower East Side has a reputation for being ahead of the curve. Rowdy and spirited, LES takes the moniker “the city that never sleeps” as a challenge, and its music venues, bars and restaurants never fail to rise to the occasion.

Welcome to Lower East Side

A forward-thinking neighborhood with historic roots.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the Lower East Side was known as a hub for European immigrants, as well as the center of Jewish life in New York City. 

What To Expect

Some of the best nightlife, dining, and entertainment in Manhattan.

In large part due to a booming bar and club scene, the Lower East Side is a great choice for Manhattanites who want to have the nightlife scene right outside their doorstep. The unpretentious, no-frills attitude of the Lower East Side draws people from all walks of life, contributing to the neighborhood’s unique and eclectic identity. 

The Lifestyle

Lounge during the day, dine at dusk, and party all night.

During the day, the Lower East Side is relatively quiet. It’s a perfect time to explore the many shops and boutiques hidden in pockets across the neighborhood. A pathway along the East River is a scenic option for walking, biking, and even fishing. From here, you can access great views of the Williamsburg Bridge. At dusk, the mood quickly picks up with activities that act as a prelude to late-night events. The LES is also known for its art scene, with smaller, contemporary galleries sprinkled across the neighborhood. Another staple of the entertainment scene in LES is live music. The neighborhood has been a powerhouse for rock, punk, folk, and rap for decades, and bars like Cake Shop, Pianos, and the Living Room host new, up-and-coming bands daily. You’ll also have no trouble indulging in your culinary curiosity in this neighborhood. Trendy restaurants like Beauty and Essex are popular for pre-clubbing meals, and smaller spots like Ivan Ramen, Mission Cantina, or Dirty French are so popular they inspire hours-long waits. Perhaps the most defining part of the neighborhood’s reputation is the nightlife scene, which draws partiers from across the boroughs. The neighborhood has a good mix of options that range from massive clubs to hole-in-the-wall dive bars. 

The Market

Affordable, Mainly pre-war walk-ups, but there are a few newer luxury high-rise buildings

A handful of modern luxury high-rises have sprung up in recent years, but most apartments are pre-war walk-ups. As the neighborhood has gotten more popular in recent years prices have increased. Still, there are plenty of affordable options here relative to other neighborhoods downtown. 

You'll Fall In Love With

The free-spirit tradition of this diverse, welcoming community.

Even though the Lower East Side is synonymous with the party scene, those who live in the neighborhood love it for its well-worn, homely touches of community. In the Lower East Side, it’s the small, personal touches that make this neighborhood a vibrant and exciting place to live. 

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